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For convenience and flexibility, you can also usecustom placeholder text in any languagesupported by CorelDRAW. Has anyone experienced this and found a fix other than deleting file prior to new save.

Coreldraw graphics suite x6 manual pdf free.Corel Draw Graphics Suite X6 manual


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Other product, font, and company names and logos may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. All images included in this publication are attributed to the artists who created them. In the Gallery section, the artists’ names have been added to the images, and image elements that contain brand names and logos have been removed. CorelDRAW Individual chapters introduce you to the workspace of each application and provide tips CorelDRAW is an intuitive and versatile and techniques that can help you, regardless of graphics application for creating high-quality your skill level.

This guidebook is divided into seven parts. You can online and within each application. Part Three: Color, Type, and Styles Guidebook conventions Chapters 6 through 9 provide a review of The following conventions make it easy to fundamental color concepts and show you locate information in the guidebook. References to the application interface Part Four: Guide to Digital Content References to elements of the application interface, such as menu commands, are indicated by bold formatting.

Part Five: Tips and Techniques Tips The guidebook contains brief tips, which may Chapters 13 through 15 give you useful tips highlight portions of your workflow, offer about the specific workflows for sign making, creative ideas that you can try out, or provide illustration, and page layout.

These tips are indented and marked by a special icon Part Six: Insights from the Experts for easy reference. Chapters 16 through 18 present tutorials by Color-coded pages graphic design professionals from diverse industries who use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Each part of the guidebook is coded for easy in their everyday work. In these chapters, the reference with a distinctive band of color in the authors share how the software helps them upper-left or upper-right area of the page.

If you want to learn more about a specific subject, you can use the cross-references. When you click a tool, a hint design in action. Hints are displayed by default in the Hints docker on Help the right side of the application window, but you can hide them when you no longer need The Help is accessible from within the them.

You can browse through a list of topics, look up tools and topics in the index, or search for specific words. The application displays the Web- based Help if an Internet connection is available, or local Help if there is no Internet connection.

Tooltips Tooltips provide helpful information about application controls when you position the pointer over icons, buttons, and other interface elements.

To find additional information about a tool, you can access a relevant Help topic Videos by clicking the Help button in the upper-right corner of the Hints docker. In addition, you can find tutorials and tips, and get the latest product Video tutorials. Services www. Corel customized training Macro programming guide Corel Training Specialists can provide you with customized training, tailored to your work The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Macro environment, to help you get the most out of Programming Guide provides a streamlined the Corel software that you have installed.

By curriculum that is practical and relevant to the creating macros with CorelDRAW and needs of your organization. You can use customizedtraining. CTPs are located worldwide for your convenience. To find a partner near you, visit www. Corel Technology Partners Corel Technology Partners are businesses that embed Corel technology within their products, develop plug-in applications for Corel software, or integrate standalone applications into Corel technology solutions.

This comprehensive program is designed especially for developers and consultants, and it includes the necessary components for designing, developing, testing, and marketing custom solutions that are related to Corel products. For more information about Corel Technology Partners, please e-mail Corel Corporation at techpartner corel.

You can install the applications with the default settings, or you can customize Changing languages the installation by choosing different options. If an application has been installed in more When you insert the installation disc in the than one language, you can change the DVD drive, the installation wizard starts language of the user interface and Help at any automatically.

Follow the instructions on the time. Restart the search box, where X is the letter that application to apply the new language corresponds to the DVD drive. Type later. For the most current information on support services available for your Corel product, visit www. About Corel Corporation Corel is one of the world’s top software companies, with more than million active users in over 75 countries.

We develop software that helps people express their ideas and share their stories in more exciting, creative, and persuasive ways. Through the years, we’ve built a reputation for delivering innovative, trusted products that are easy to learn and use, helping people achieve new levels of productivity.

The industry has responded with hundreds of awards for software innovation, design, and value. Graphics Suite can help you express your Keeping these types of content in separate creative ideas compellingly. You can also rename trays or change the default To learn what was new in previous versions folder to which trays are saved. Menu commands and tools for features introduced or improved in that version are highlighted.

Work faster and more efficiently From organizing project assets and accessing Multiple trays help you find assets quickly and easily. You can also type search multiple projects. You can use and maintain separate trays for Content New and enhanced! If additional content from online vendors. The this docker helps you fine-tune your designs versatile Object removal brush lets you faster than ever before.

For example, if you nodes or by pushing nodes away from other want to resize a photo to print at a certain size, nodes in close proximity. Shape tools New! CorelDRAW X6 introduces four additional shaping tools that provide new creative options for refining vector objects. The new Smear tool lets you shape an object by pulling extensions or making indents along its outline.

The size of the brush nib and the Pressure setting let you control the intensity of the effect, and you can choose between smooth curves or curves with sharp corners. Alternatively, you can use the pressure of your digital pen to determine the intensity of the smear effect. The new shaping tools provide creative options for The new Twirl tool lets you apply twirl effects refining vector objects.

The size of the brush nib lets you Clip masks for groups of objects New! For example, you can adjust Native bit support New! You can apply a clip mask to a group of objects. Pass Through merge mode New! If you choose Pass Through, the lens or effect will apply to all objects, including those layered below the group. Multi-core processor support New! The increased support lets you continue Create layouts with ease working while the suite performs resource- With new and improved master layer intensive tasks in the background.

The result is functionality, new temporary alignment fast and responsive performance, which means guides, new advanced OpenType support, and less waiting when you export files, print enhanced complex script support for working multiple documents, or copy and paste large with foreign language text, CorelDRAW objects. Graphics Suite X6 makes it easier than ever before to lay out your project. Alignment guides New! With CorelDRAW X6, the new and improved The new alignment guides help you position odd-page, even-page, and all-page master objects more quickly, appearing on the fly with layers make it easier to create page-specific suggested alignment to existing objects on the designs for multipage documents.

If you are page. Alignment incorporate page-specific headers, footers, guides interactively connect the centers and and page numbers.

For example, you might the edges of objects, and you also can choose want to have different headers on even and to display alignment guides from the edges of odd pages. You can modify the default settings for alignment guides to suit your needs. For example, if you are working with a group of objects, you can display alignment guides for individual objects within the group, or for the bounding box of the group as a whole. In addition, you can specify margins for alignment guides to help you align objects at a set distance from the edge of another object.

You can also specify whether the alignment guides follow only the margins or the actual edges of the object as well. With CorelDRAW X6, the new Insert page number command helps you instantly add page numbers on all pages of a document, starting on a specific page, or at a particular number.

This flexibility is ideal for working with multiple CorelDRAW files that will eventually become a single publication. Using alignment guides to position objects quickly You can choose from alphabetic, numeric, or Interactive frames New! In help you efficiently generate mock-ups of addition, page numbers are automatically design ideas.

You can also insert a page number designs with placeholder PowerClip and text inside existing artistic or paragraph text. You simply create an You can now drag content over a PowerClip RTF file containing the text that you want to frame, and then choose either to add the use, save it to the default placeholder text content to the frame or to replace any existing folder, and CorelDRAW X6 will use that text frame content.

PowerClip frames also now give whenever you invoke the Insert placeholder you the option of centering content within the text command.


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The new Color Styles docker makes it easy to managethe colors used in a document. You can get started immediately,learn as you go, and design with confidence forany medium. So whether designers were working in print or online, there was an option for every situation.